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    Summer in Les Alpes

    November 25, 2019

    From Alsace we drove across Switzerland, to the French Alps choosing this route partly for the novelty of traversing a new country in a day and encountering another language.  We stopped for a picnic by Lake Geneva where it was incredibly hot, and the lake was surprisingly like a swimming pool – warm, clear, and absolutely gorgeous for swimming. Sadly, one child had left his swimming togs at the bottom of his suitcase at the bottom of our car boot…

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  • Our Adventures


    From Champagne we travelled east and descended into the Rhine Valley, where France meets Germany. This part of France changed hands four times between 1874 and 1945, and again in the preceding centuries, so…

    October 6, 2019
  • Epic Trip Planning

    Choosing our village in France

    Choosing the town where we would live our French dream was a bit like sticking a pin in a map. Where do you start? From the beginning, my husband Simon told me that I…

    September 16, 2019