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    October 6, 2019

    From Champagne we travelled east and descended into the Rhine Valley, where France meets Germany. This part of France changed hands four times between 1874 and 1945, and again in the preceding centuries, so there are strong Germanic influences in the architecture, wine, cuisine, customary dress, and village names. We began with a visit to Haut Koenigsburg Castle, a medieval fortress perched high on a rock looking out across the plains to Germany.- We stayed in a campsite just outside…

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  • Epic Trip Planning

    Choosing our village in France

    Choosing the town where we would live our French dream was a bit like sticking a pin in a map. Where do you start? From the beginning, my husband Simon told me that I…

    September 16, 2019
  • Our Adventures

    In the trenches of Verdun

    “Many of us here use writing as a means of staying alive…” So wrote a French commanding officer, holed up in the underground citadel of Verdun, during the longest battle of World War I.…

    August 30, 2019