Have you ever dreamed of spending an extended period abroad as a family? Heading off on an epic adventure, immersing the kids in another language and culture, shaking up your way of life and daring to do things differently?

I’m Christine Sheehy. I’m a copywriter and author, and together with my husband Simon and our kids Lily, Tom and Louis, we’re moving to the French Pyrénées, popping the kids in French school for total language immersion and experiencing a different way of life.

It’s a trip we’ve been dreaming off for many years. I always knew I wanted to give my kids a language, but by the time they were born my French was pretty rusty, so I never followed through.

For me, France was also unfinished business. I had twice planned to move there and even got my working holiday visa, but then I let work and life get in the way of the dream.

Once the kids were born, I started talking about spending an extended period in France as a family. At first it was a vague notion that not even I took seriously. Luscious enough to dream of, but far enough away that I wouldn’t have to actually do anything to make it happen.


About A Family in France

Over the years it took more shape. We made a family vision board in 2015, declaring our mission to go to France in 2019, and I took my business online so I could work from anywhere.

Over the next four years pretty much NOTHING went to plan and by the end of 2018, it looked like our dream wasn’t going to happen. So we took a radical shift in mindset, shifted our expectations – and BAM. With that, everything fell into place. Turned out lots of those barriers were all in our heads. (More on that mind-boggling tale in another blog).

So this is our adventure. On this blog, we’ll share the stories of our long-awaited time in France, mostly for the benefit of family and friends, but also for anyone who dreams of doing the same.


But more than that – I’ll also be sharing the answers to the most common question we’ve been asked: “HOW are you making it work?”

That was also my primary question of other families, for the many years it looked like our dream was going to stay out of reach. Now that we’re making it happen, I want to create a road map – based on our experience and the experiences of other families – for planning your own epic trip abroad. There are many ways to make it work, and I want to show you that it’s more possible than you might imagine.

Whether you put the kids in school for total language immersion, go sailing around the Pacific, or take an extended roadtrip around your home country, I’ll be interviewing other families to hear their answers to the big practical questions of how to make your dream reality.

Got questions about our adventure? Drop me an email and tell me what you’d like to know.

Got a story of an epic family adventure of your own? I would love to hear how you made it happen. Get in touch at admin@afamilyinfrance.com