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Epic Trip Planning Our Adventures

Unfinished business

June 22, 2020

One year ago at midnight, as the seven stars of Matariki rose in the southern sky and one day after the winter solstice, we embarked on our grand adventure – what I hoped would be a year in France. A perfect moment for new beginnings, regeneration and reflection. In the pictures taken at Auckland Airport, I look tired, with greasy hair (I swear I had just washed it!) and bleary eyes. We’d packed right up to the wire, leaving forgotten…

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Epic Trip Planning

Six Months in France – French language progress

January 18, 2020

   January marked a milestone for us – six months that we have now spent in France. It seemed like a good amount of time to reflect on what we have learned and experienced so far, but to avoid going on and on I’ve decided to split this blog into three key areas where we get lots of questions, or have learned a lot – language, school and social, and food! Here’s part one – language Last week, I finished…

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