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June 6, 2019

A lot of people have asked about our travel plans. And as I had completely lost my voice at our farewell party (thanks to a winter cold and a few too many farewell events), it was a bit exhausting trying to explain it all.

We leave NZ at the end of June, and will travel to London, where we will stay with three sets of friends (and hope they are still our friends at the end of it), see a few sites, check out a Cricket World Cup game for Simon and Tom, show Lily where she was born and catch up with friends we haven’t seen for over a decade. It’s a jam packed week!

Then we fly to Brittany, pick up a rental car and travel through France for six weeks or so…. via Normandy, the Loire, North Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, the Alps, Provence, the Aude, and eventually to our home in the Ariège, where we will catch a breath and then put the children in French school, and try very hard to keep getting them through the school gate every morning until they find some proficiency with the language.

As for what comes next? We shall see… The photo is from one of our last trips to France, when we were young and child-free, January 2007, in Portes du Soleil

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